Dear INC Family

On May 10, 2012, my wife and I attended the first meeting of INC, being held by our friend Katy Fleming. Back then we were known as Connected Investors Organization of Denver. I knew right away, I wanted to be a part of this group and volunteered to help in any way I could.  Katy allowed me to help and our friendship took off.  Later, I became a Co-Host / Director of INC and have had the awesome privilege of working along-side Katy. It has been such a great honor to get to know the members and I truly count you as family. It’s been so exciting watching our family grow into what it is today.  In addition to our Members website (, we have an active presence on LinkedIn, Meetup, Google Plus, and of course Facebook. As I type this, our Facebook Group has 1,218 members and we have requests to join almost daily.

There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to keep INC functioning. As I said, I count it a privilege to have been able to contribute as much as I have in the past.  I took a new job in June of 2016 and it has kept me on the road constantly. I have not been able to assist Katy as much as I have in the past.  This is my first full week at home since April.  Not only am I missing the monthly meetings, I am unable to complete the behind the scenes work I was doing.

I have put this decision off for several months now, but I have finally concluded that for the betterment of INC, I need to step down as a Director.  I have talked with Katy about this a few times and last night we met with our Board of Directors.

In meeting with Katy and the Board, one message came through loud and clear, we need members who are willing to assist with some of the behind the scenes work. I had primarily worked keeping up with the Membership Management and the Social Media. We desperately need someone who would be willing to assist in this.  We also need people to help at the monthly meetings, greeting and registering attendees.

I love Katy and the INC family dearly and would not trade anything for the time I have had with INC. I have grown so very close to many of the members. INC has and always will have a very special spot in my heart.  I am not upset and going away mad, but will remain a member and attend any future meetings, when I am home. I will continue to give Katy, the Board and INC members all the support I can. I look forward to continue investing with the INC family as well.