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‎Plan for Success 2019 Workshop & Follow-through Events

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Setting goals helps us to expand and even transform our lives in ways we never imagined. The key is to create a specific plan, a method of accountability and to develop practices that keep us aware, fully alive, and involved in our present moment. Do you know what success means to you in the most important areas of your own life?

Give Yourself the Gift of Taking Action to Realize Your Dreams by attending the Lifetree Plan for Success Workshop, follow up Webinars and monthly Conference Calls.
Register today: http://investorsnetworkofcolorado.com/?p=569

$299 Workshop Fee Includes:
1. two-day workshop
2. follow-up webinars (1/week for four weeks)
3. monthly conference calls for six months
*the workshop is scheduled for 3/30 – 3/31; webinars and conference calls will be scheduled based on participants’ consensus of preferred dates/times

In the Plan for Success Workshop and Follow-Up Online Webinars, you will:


– develop your vision, goals, an action plan for accomplishing your goals, and a long-term accountability method to ensure your goals are met, while attending to the most important part of your life – the present!

– attend follow-up webinars after the two-day workshop (1/week for four weeks) where you will further clarify the individualized plan you began in the in-person workshop.

– learn how to create your own low to no-cost mastermind group, a small, supportive team that is a crucial element in assuring the dreams you create are realized.

– participate in on-going monthly brainstorming conference calls that will help you transition your accountability plan into your mastermind group to ensure long-term success.

Register: http://investorsnetworkofcolorado.com/?p=569 and walk away with:

1. a vision board: Think “map” that places all points of your life in one visual place as a daily reminder of your goals and intentions in the essential areas of your life. We will utilize the “feng shui” map, an ancient /proven/worldly technique that beckons wealth and invites happiness;
2. your own uniquely designed set of goals addressing the essential areas in your life that you decide are the highest priorities where you would like to realize your dreams (career, health, relationships, family, wealth, travel, knowledge and more).
3. an action plan that sets clear steps to accomplish your goals;

After the workshop, continue the work through four weekly webinars:
4. continued “tweaking” of your plan initially developed in the workshop, allowing you to brainstorm ideas with others, and get ongoing support;
5. developing your personal set of empowering beliefs to create a regular practice of positive self-talk, a key to your success;
6. creating a do-able accountability method with specific steps to accomplish your vision and goals. This crucial, but often forgotten element of a “mastermind” will assist you in successfully attaining your goals.

Finally, a monthly check-in while you are getting your mastermind group in place will provide brainstorming sessions with others where you can discuss ideas and challenges as you transition into an ongoing method to assure your success for years to come.

The Plan for Success in Workshop is NOT a “sit and get” format with speakers that leave you with ideas to implement later (which rarely happens). It will NOT be an introductory workshop with partial information to get you in the door to buy a more costly “program.” These two days will be a true “work”shop, but one filled with inspiration, personalized tools, fun and comradery. Follow-up webinars will provide participants with the choice to simply listen in, or share their work and ask for feedback.

Your Dreams, Your Vision, Your Goals, Your Plan.
Register Today!  http://investorsnetworkofcolorado.com/?p=569

• What to bring
An open mind and heart, enthusiasm, a smile and dress comfortably. If you have a vision board you’d like to build on, feel free to bring it along with meaningful photographs of those things you value or pictures of what you’d like to strive for in the coming year.

• Important to know:  Register today!  http://investorsnetworkofcolorado.com/?p=569