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‎Saturday‎, ‎March‎ ‎10‎, ‎2018:  9 am – 5 pm
Sunday March 11, 2018: 10 am – 5 pm

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Plan for Success! March Workshop

Hosted by Katy F.
From Investors Network of Colorado (INC)

If you weren’t able to make February’s Plan for Success Workshop, not to worry – come 3/10! Around 45 percent of Americans make New Year’s resolutions. Just 8 percent achieve them.** Resolutions provide the best of intentions, but they are often vague and lack a plan of action. More importantly, they lack a method to follow through. Take action to realize your dreams while also living in the present.
This workshop will be limited to 40 people to provide an optimal experience. REGISTER before spots fill up! http://investorsnetworkofcolorado.com/events/plan-for-success-3/

Register by February 28, and bring a guest for free when a full-priced ticket is purchased – that’s half-price ($75 total for two days) when you share! This option will only be available to the first twenty registrants to maintain a small group size.

“Plan for Success” is a two-day in person working session in which you will actively engage and walk away with a clear vision, do-able goals that personally fit your life and tools to enjoy a fulfilling life every day of the journey.

Participants have the option of attending additional weekly webinars in the comfort of their own homes for the following four weeks at only $10/webinar (or $175 for the workshop and all 4 webinars).

The workshop and the webinars are valuable to all, regardless of your business since each person’s life plan is unique. Or bring your business/organization’s team or relationship partner to develop a success plan for 2018! REGISTER TODAY! http://investorsnetworkofcolorado.com/events/plan-for-success-3/

You will walk away with:
1. a clearly written vision and a vision board: Think “map” that places all points of your life in one visual place as a daily reminder of your goals and intentions in the essential areas of your life. We will utilize the “feng shui” map, an ancient /proven/worldly technique that beckons wealth and invites happiness;
2. your own uniquely designed goals addressing the essential areas in your life that you define as important to you (e.g., business, relationships, health, wealth, family, knowledge, travel, etc.);
3. an initial action plan that sets clear steps to accomplish your goals; after you leave the workshop and have a chance to process your great work, you will have the opportunity to come together with the participants in a follow-up webinar to continue to work on your plan. This important follow-up step will assist you in clarifying through brainstorming ideas with others, and getting support needed to accomplish your goals.

The crucial follow-up webinars will address:
4. revisions and additions to your initial goals and action plan after important processing time between the workshop and webinar;
5. your personal set of empowering beliefs and scientifically researched techniques that are key to your success and enjoyment of a fulfilling life;
6. a do-able accountability method with specific steps to accomplish your vision and goals; and
7. a four-week check-in to tweak your action plan.

REGISTER: http://investorsnetworkofcolorado.com/events/plan-for-success-3/

• What to bring
An open mind and heart, enthusiasm, a smile and dress comfortably. If you have a vision board you’d like to build on, feel free to bring it along with meaningful photographs of those things you value or pictures of what you’d like to strive for in the coming year.

• Important to know
Register today! http://investorsnetworkofcolorado.com/events/plan-for-success-3/