About INC

Investors Network of Colorado (INC) Vision:
Investors Network of Colorado (INC) fosters investor success by providing a facilitated networking forum for education, resource-sharing, and building collaborative relationships.

INC’s Mission:

  • Share expertise, exchange resources & build relationships to get deals done
  • Support our members in their educational forums and businesses
  • A networking meeting in support of our Colorado REIAs
  • Members take ownership through active involvement, presentations, and input
  • Members remain accountable in order to support our individual and group success

Benefits of INC Membership:

Becoming a member of Investors Network of Colorado not only gives you access to productive and rewarding connections with other INC members during the monthly meetings, but the members’ website also provides access to:

1.  a member contact list that gives you the ability to directly contact another member outside of the meetings.
2.  your member profile and upload a picture so other members can access your information so you can stay connected and share resources.  Your profile acts as your “online business card.”
3.  create a listing in the business directory – list your own business and access other members’ businesses.  List both real estate and non-real estate related businesses – INC supports all of our members’ businesses.  Go to: http://members.investorsnetworkofcolorado.com/resources/business-directory/
4.  join an existing group or form your own group of members who want to share information and resources about a specific topic (e.g., private lending, wholesaling, multi-family investing, masterminds and more.
5.  share a post or announce a “Have or Want”
6.  view the events calendar with listings of training opportunities as well as other local REIA meetings and events.  You can also request to add a listing to the calendar by contacting: admin@investorsnetworkofcolorado.com
7.  get access to documents, spreadsheets and other valuable resources
8.  pay your membership dues securely
9.  sign up for the INC newsletter
10. create your member profile and upload a picture so other members can access your information so you can stay connected and share resources.  Your profile acts as your “online business card.”

INC Background:
Investors Network of Colorado held it’s first meeting on May 10, 2012 as Connected Investors Organization, Denver.  The group began as one of approximately twenty-five other CIO “Bases” throughout the country.  It’s “Base Leader,” Katy Fleming worked with Connected Investors CEO, Ross Hamilton first as the Denver-area Base Leader, then as the Coordinator of the national group of approximately twenty-five Base Leaders.  Katy brought a professional background of nearly forty years of education and community engagement leadership, as well as twenty years experience as a landlord.

At it’s very first meeting, INC’s co-director, Jim Edenfield and his wife, Cathy were among the eight members present, as was INC Board member, Nan Keehner.  Eventually, Jim agreed to join Katy as co-leader of the group and Nan continued to bring visioning and leadership.  Jim brought great expertise and contributions designing the website and other social media sites, managing those sites, and as co-leader of the monthly meetings.  He left the group as co-leader when he accepted a new position requiring extensive travel.  INC will be forever grateful for his contributions.

Meetup was used as the forum to bring in new members, along with the Connected Investors website.  It was Ross’s and the Base Leaders’ intention to connect the CI site with members of the locally held groups, and to increase membership on the CI site while providing a face-face forum where members could actively build partnerships to get deals done.  In 2013, the national Connected Investors Organization and Ross Hamilton chose to discontinue the Base Leaders’ Program while they were revamping the CI site.  Many of the groups continued an informal relationship with the CI National Organization, including CIO, Denver.  On November 6, 2014, Connected Investors, Denver changed its name to Investors Network of Colorado.  Katy Fleming continues to be a member of the national CI site, and continues to support the great work of Ross Hamilton.

The INC Model:
The INC meeting model utilizes strategies that are based on research, and take advantage of the way adult brains learn best.  While our meetings are occasionally led by one of our members speaking and leading discussions, the majority of our meetings are facilitated networking activities designed for members to learn through engagement with one another.  The INC “Mastermind” Approach includes:

  • Collegial problem-solving in pairs encourages higher-level thinking and builds strong & productive relationships.
  • Interactive discussions involving brainstorming, activates our prior knowledge, causing one person’s idea to trigger former knowledge.
  • Small group problem-solving using a variety of activities and learning modalities improves the quality of decisions.
  • Discussing specific questions involving reflection and exploration, results in 90% retention of material

We believe that when members share their knowledge and experience, trusting, collaborative and productive relationships and a community of support is created.  INC recognizes members’ time is valuable, and strives to make the best use of that time during our meetings.

Members are asked to provide input about meetings, the website and our group as a whole!

Features of the group include:
LOW ANNUAL FEES: $75/Individual; $125/Partners
NO SPONSORS:  Everyone may share their services and resources through flyers, announcements & our website
Members’ businesses (real estate and non-real estate) are featured at meetings and on the website
Members lead and actively participate in meetings
SUPPORT FOR OTHER REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT ASSOCIATIONS (REIA’s) & GROUPS:  INC is happy to support and post others’ events through meeting and social marketing announcements and the INC events calendar (see Events page)